About Me

During a precious, super-important moment for me, my photographer snapped some pics. He is skilled at his craft; however, he came to document an event rather than capturing the moment. I started then questioning the real purpose of photography, and my ever-deepening answer is that it arrests a moment: the magic, the chemistry, the spark and gives us a way to remember even details that we may have missed in that moment. I want to tell the story of those that are in front of my lens; not just a note of what they looked like that day. I fall in love with each subject's story and I am driven to portray that through their images. Before the shutter even clicks; I indulge myself in learning more about the life and loves of my subject(s), all so that the final image displays their light as well as their life.

I began photography in 2007 and by 2010 it was my fulltime career focus. My first wedding was in 2009 with upteen bajillion bridal party members; TRIAL by FIRE to say the least. Since then I have shot well over 200 wedding ceremonies/elopements. In 2013, I started shooting models for agencies and editorials across the country. Fashion photography is quite different depending on the nature and client of the shoot, yet my goal is the same: To create an image that leaves the viewer with a story that reveals a feeling.



“Sharon is not only one of the best people I have ever met, but she is also a master at her craft, photography. She takes in everything into consideration from a technical standpoint all the way to a human standpoint. She takes care of her people and has a way of making people look and feel their absolute best, no matter the situation or the subject. Sharon has photographed me as a model and was a witness and photographer for our elopement. She will notice every hair out of place and hair tie on the wrist.”

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